Hi! Meet Our Team.

All great relationships start with a simple greeting. We hope this is the beginning of ours. We’re committed to becoming partners on your path to independence.

Our Team

Achieving More consists of employees who are passionate about their careers. They have vast levels of experience providing support services during every stage of life. The staff is dedicated to providing personal attention and committed to understanding and addressing your questions and concerns.

Achieving More is a team dedicated to creating safe and supportive environments at home and in the community. We are here to be your advocates and support you in achieving your goals.

We help you ACHIEVE MORE by offering personal attention to each participant. We’re committed to forming strong, stable relationships with families and service providers.

Achieving More promises that a staff member will return your call within 24 hours.

Erin M. McDevitt
Director & Founder

“Many things may vary from one person to the next, but the baseline is they all want to be independent. Achieving More has experienced amazing victories. If we can keep participants safely at home, it’s a win.”

Erin is a Philadelphia native who graduated from the University of Miami and returned home to attend law school at Temple University. After graduation, Erin moved to Spring City to work at her family’s law practice and eventually established roots in Phoenixville.

After over two decades practicing law, Erin realized it was not her passion. The death of her sister and aunt within a short time of each other was the impetus for Erin to evaluate her beliefs and realize she was most fulfilled when she was helping people.

Erin used her legal background and knowledge to establish Aging Your Way (now Achieving More) in 2015 to focus on helping the elderly and individuals with physical disabilities and intellectual disabilities live fuller lives in the communities of their choice.

John Montgomery
Supports Coordinator

“We are very relational. We have smaller caseloads so we have more time to make that phone call. This is my passion. I want to know their dreams and work together to help realize their dreams.”

Montgomery is a graduate of Lancaster Bible College where he developed a passion for working with individuals with developmental disabilities. Montgomery has worked in the field as a direct support professional, therapeutic staff support, assistant director of group homes, and has many years of experience as a support coordinator.

At Achieving More, he assists families in locating, coordinating, and monitoring supports and services through the consolidated waiver, PFDS waiver, community living waiver, and base-funded individuals. He is faithful to the field and uses his experience to empathize and advocate for his consumers and families.

Dean Mosley
Supports Coordinator

“All of us at Achieving More are committed to improving personal dignity and quality of life, just as with our own families and loved ones. Give yourself and your family the peace of mind you both deserve!”

Dean earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from West Chester University in 1990. His role includes ministering to seniors’ physical and cognitive limitations to improve their quality of life. His vast knowledge, ability to listen, and prompt action to changing needs make him superior in his position.

Supports Coordinator

“We have your back. If you are worried about something, we are committed to putting you at ease and supporting you. We know the supports available to help you achieve more.”

Vikki graduated with a B.S. in Speech Pathology and Audiology from East Stroudsburg University and has lived in the Philadelphia area her entire life. She has over a decade of experience as a Service Coordinator and she takes pride in getting to know each person and helping them remain in their homes. She enjoys spending time with family and friends. Vicki loves animals, music, gardening, and playing backgammon.

Julia Schwartz
Supports Coordinator

“We are here to be a source of solid support in people’s lives. We respect people’s preferences for independence while ensuring people’s safety.”

Julia has a personal connection to service coordination. Growing up with a family member with a disability helped her choose her career path and she gets joy in ensuring participants’ lives are “fulfilled and enriched.”

Marisol Martinez
Supports Coordinator

“I appreciate the opportunity to work with consumers and their family to create a care plan that maintains the consumer’s quality of life and keeps them safe in their home. It is satisfying to know that our work can have a significant positive impact in the lives of our consumers and their families.”

Marisol graduated Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Psychology. During her college career, she completed an internships at Greater Reading Mental Health Alliance in Social Services and at Berks Advocates Against Violence as a Bullying Prevention Specialist.

Marisol has 17 years of professional experience in case management for children and adults within the social services arena including: mental health services, domestic violence, and family support services. She’s been a Service Coordinator for 5 years within the Home and Community-Based Waiver program.

In her spare time, Marisol enjoys reading, writing children’s stories, crafts, and spending time with my family.

Chris Oscar
Administrative Assistant

“Achieving More has found a way to make positive differences in so many lives, and for that reason, I am proud to be part of this amazing company!”

Chris works closely with Erin McDevitt, Achieving More’s Director, and the rest of the team to “keep the i’s dotted and t’s crossed.” She has a background in early childhood education and more than 15 years experience in medical office administration. Chris enjoys spending time in nature taking photographs, gardening, and camping with family to relax and recharge.

Angela Horvat



“Achieving More employees love what they do. They are authentic and care about the people they help. It sets us apart from any other support coordination agency.”

– Erin McDevitt, Founder